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One year of 3D » The project
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The project behind One year of 3D

Over the next year, instead of wasting some time over the Internet, I’ll be spending a minimum of 3 hours every week (or more) designing some 3D models, exploring new techniques and styles and show the on this website. It could be cars, landscapes, animations, rigs, game models or even requested things! you name it, I’ll try it.
Another reason is to show also what I’m working on and to grow as a 3D artist.

It won’t be an easy challenge, but I will try my best to include this as part of my weekly routine.
I hope I can handle a year without missing a single week… and if I do I will make up for it! that means I’ll do 52 models as a minimum.

This project is inspired by oneyearofdesign.com but is unaffiliated.

Let the creativity begin.